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Telejob is a non-profit organization of ETH Zürich, which aims to facilitate connections and engagement between students and prospective employers.

Join our fun team and gain valuable skills in project management, leadership, marketing, budgeting, web design, and more!

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ETH Zurich has a world-class reputation. With the stated mission to educate engineers and scientists; the school focuses primarily on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Telejob provides an opportunity to strengthen skills and prepare for future careers by working on exciting projects, creating your own unique road trip, and enjoying a friendly environment where your ideas can be brought to life.

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Find Your Dream Job with ETHGH

Check out how ETHGH, the job platform for talent made at ETH, can help you find your next dream job or internship! 

You can search hundreds of listings in both academia and industry and get to know interesting companies. Head over to today!

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Our Projects

ETH Get Hired

The largest online job platform in the ETH-domain, for talent made in Switzerland, co-run with our long-established partner, ETH Career Center.


The 24-hour hackathon where ETH students, post-docs and scientists solve companies’ unique challenges. 


The first virtual career fair of ETH Zurich, for students and companies to efficiently pre-screen and contact each other, eliminating the need for travel and enabling a more sustainable participation.


A pitching & networking competition event for scientific staff to present their startup ideas.